Sarah Palin, Plus or Minus

Sarah Palin is a political dynamo right now….this is only AFTER the main stream media has torn her to shreds for being a buffoon, religious nut, agenda driven corporate shill, and child abuser. Levi Johnston, Palins daughters ex boyfriend, made horrendous accusations about her, and recently admitted, he was perhaps a bit “mistaken”. The media ran with his accusations front page, his change of heart on page sixteen, at the bottom.

Does the media plan to do all they can to run more hit pieces to prevent Palin from throwing the man-child out of the White House? You decide after viewing this video where a bunch of center right and left of Lenin drive by media hounds comment on her.

No one noticed that they revealed themselves as wolves in the open there. They were just reporting news, no, they are never political operatives. (sarcasm)

So now, she does not have “no chance”, but “a chance”, they acknowledge however, they admit, they will throw everything they got at her to destroy her. She obviously represents something Mathews and other perennial socialist socialites do not like.

I am not an expert on Palin, nor am I a Palinista. As an atheist, I would rather see an atheist in the White House, but find one not hell-bent on torching the country down, good luck. She reminds me of Jesse Ventura, only more like Ronald Reagan, and less like The Body. She has a teflon coating against the media poli-annointers, who support, with tingling sensations and all, the candidates who slither on the left side of lost freedoms. Ventura, in an interview, was deciding whether to run for a Minnesota Senate seat, and said that right before the filing deadline, he flipped a coin. He subscribes to pre-destiny. I think for practical reasons, this is dangerous in leadership. This was strictly a personal decision to flip a coin, however, he then said, that he believes in this weird “destiny” thing. Concerning. With Palin, we see something similar, in her talking to God. If God talks back to her (her reality) then what God decides is the rest of our fate. We are caught up in a religious version of destiny, was someone whispering in another room, or was that God that said we should raise taxes? She takes her religion seriously, which makes her vulnerable to irrational decisions, this should frighten even the peripheral believers, those who go to church so the neighbors see you there, but in a foxhole, know that keeping your head down and your feet dry are of number one importance.

Palin, plus or minus. She does love her country, she gets it on economics, and does not subscribe to cloward-piven, Soros, or Marx…these are all plus points since the bar was lowered in this transformation. She is a populist, which makes her a Tea Party favorite, which makes her electable. There are more Americans who trust Tea, than Trotsky. She likes her religion, but anyone decades, or centuries into the age of science being legal who sees religion as senior to facts leaves me seeing that as vulnerable.

The choice in 2012 may be the religion of christian tounge or the religion of Marxian Jung.

One thing we do know is that Palin understands and agrees with the free markets exponentially more than the current congress, and if they are not expunged, nothing is accomplished. Obama lives in the world of crashing statistics, and after reading the Palin autobiography, I can tell, this world to her, is unacceptable. She understands that everyone is better off more free, not less free. The long-term question would then be, just how free? Most conservatives love freedom, but subscribe to the notion that regulations on businesses large and small are a must. Regulation is a presumption of guilt. It violates 4th Amend, and 1st Amend ideals. The right needs to expunge, or “exorcise” (puns) these communist ideals from its rank and file and be more consistently pro-freedom. The fix for BP is to fine/punish BP, not an entire industry. Regulations are targeting generalities, and are suppressive. Its either a Republic, or Regulations. We cannot have our cake, and eat it, to.

Palin is a mixed bag, but standing next to the bag of shit that has been thrown at us in the form of Barrack Obama, she’s not bad. In the long run I sense that she would push to undo much of the crap congress has been paid to pass these past few years….but not all of it. This will put freedom-lovers who are awake, back to sleep, thinking the threat “has passed” when it has not. Technically, about 90 percent of the legislation that has passed over the passed century needs absolute repeal. Thats a big job, no one candidate, or one Party could do. The Democrat Party will be tamed to a degree after this 20 % real unemployment, currency crashing agenda. Democrats will start wanting candidates who like America. The party will change. The Republican Party has a long road to improvement as well. Republicans are infected with the Dewey/Pierce pragmatist weinerisms many Americans subscribe to. Witness, Newt Gingrich and David Brooks, or 80% of its members. You can’t fight destruction with smaller bombs. A little less poison will kill you, a little later.

People need to wake up from their slumber. In the end, all of these candidates and current office holders will need their feet held to the flames and their ideals held under microscopic examination constantly. No doubt Palin will be attacked more by a desperate media who knows they will not be bailed out without a second term by their man-child. Palin, all pluses and minuses considered, may be the only stop-gap measure, for now. Shes no farmer-general. And we will still need one eventually. Modern politics is more about freedom of expression and a free internet, and less about party strategy and taking turns at slugging saps.

Power structures are shifting, they are taking aim at our heart , the internet, to lock it all down. We are close to the edge. The paradigm is a’ shifting.

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