Four A.M. Thunder, and, Is mankind doomed?

Theres nothing quite like waking up a couple of hours before sunrise to the sound of distant thunder. Clicking on-line to find a perfect storm brewing to the west and heading your way. Feeling the cool breeze made by this weather system sweeping out the humidity and heat that lingered for several days prior.

A storm is like a new beginning. Even a hurricane is like that..and as long as you are safe or removed from its path, your ok. I cannot imagine what its like for people living and working in the Gulf right now however. Theres no “new beginning” approaching. Theres chemicals and oil, “lingering”, some expect it to linger for decades, but heres what I think. In events like this, what human beings always tend to find is “a way out”. In this case, I bet that this mess will be cleaned up in 5 years, and that fishing, and sailing, and tourism will return to normal  booming levels within a decade. Remember the Exxon Valdez, though it was a much smaller , more geographically contained occurence.

But we can also look at examples where this is not the case. Ground Zero in NYC is an example. Ten years post and all we have are two holes in the ground and fighting bureaucracies. Some say it is the result of a PC battle between designs for new structures, others say ten years are the half-life point of micro-nukes and (the very) localized fallout. Either way, a gap in the ground ten years later is almost as bad an indicator as 9-11-01 was itself. The Empire State Building was built almost 100 years ago, in 14 months. Big difference. Something has drained the spirit out of Americans since then, if 1,000 circa 1900 Americans stepped through a time portal into today, I think after marveling at all the advances we HAVE made, most would want to return having noticed the attitudes and behaviours of Boobus Domesticus 2010, are doomed to destroy not just themselves, but everyone else around them.

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