The Battle For YOUR Mind Rages On

In politics, its lies,lies,lies. The battle rages on for your mind. Politicians want to put you in a specific frame of mind that makes you prone to look for answers from “them”. Ever gotten into a casual political debate with someone, and hear the phrase, “they need to get some’tin done”? That’s apathy. Why can’t YOU get some’tin done? Why do you insist on bending over and taking their word for anything? And if they DID get something done, when was the last time that was a good thing? How often does that happen?

Take back that power, it belongs to you, it is your birthright that “you own your own life”. That means you own your own property, money, time, and anything else you have earned or had an inalienable right to, like free speech and expression, freedom of thought, freedom of assembly, ect.

They want all eyes on Washington, they want you longing for an excuse to disconnect from base reality. Can’t afford that quarter million dollar house without a job? Wait for the looting politicos to extend unemployment benefits another 99 weeks, and refinance that mansion you spend your days and nights in at the taxpayers expense. Need a vacation on top of all this? Insist that the Federal G.  monetize more debt so that you can take a part of that magic cheque in the mailbox to the local Casino. Have at it. After all, the rest of us producing an actual product can just relinquish even more of our money…and our PRECIOUS time…for your unethical behavior.

When the money runs out,, when existing dollars no longer hold more than a tenth of their current value, those cheques in your mailbox will stop coming, and you will be damn lucky if you know how to can food and garden..or your children will starve. Not fair to them…but I don’t think those delinquent parents of the Bubble Depression are going to care at that point. I expect the number of orphans will go up exponentially soon enough as these looters booty starts to dry up. Any moneys allocated for social cause will go back to where it was going when social cause began, to “widows, the infirmed, and orphans” ONLY. The parasite will be left shrugging, hand outstreched.

The situation will get much worse over the next couple of years. Orphans will be lucky to not get drafted or end up erased in a camp someplace. If you are not being RESPONSIBLE now, then start..or you will find yourself in a whole new world of desperation soon enough. That New Order, will be a new Order of Magnitude of desperation.

The parasites are being propped up for now, and their minds have surrendered to the politicians who have excused them from reality…(temporarily). But nothing lasts forever.

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