The Wolves Are Loose!

Lets say I’m a wolf, and I travel, like wolves do, in a pack. Now let us say that my pack is made up of twelve wolves. Here we are up the mountains, its late in the day, we have been sipping cool fresh creek water for days, following a weeks old, now an hours old, trail of a flock of sheep. And we can see these “sheep”, we can climb up to the hills nearby and see distant spots of white covering far away green pastures. We lick our lips, hunger pangs course through our bodies. An occasional  vole or gopher just doesn’t cut it anymore, our pack is too hungry, and we cannot survive by eating an ounce of vole every 24 hours, our engines will shut down soon unless we capture a feast, that feast is close by now.

Now that’s nature, but it’s also what is happening in America, and really, around the world. Those in power got too hungry. They set up a candidate who would promise us bailouts and inflation and taxation would be no more. Wrong. We were lied to.

The FDIC is broke, is your money safe? Don’t answer me until you start hearing about “bank holidays”. The bailouts have propped up big insider banks, the small firms are closing now. Have you ever considered that there would come a time when America would no longer be a safe place to live? Five years ago were you certain it was? America has been involved in massive wars every 70-75 years since its founding. From the Revolution, to the Civil War, to WWII, and today?

Cash is still king. Have savings CDs? Think they are liquid? Think again, they are liquid if wall street is open. Think cash is infinitely valuable ? Gold? Silver? If the store shelves are empty, how much will a loaf of bread cost a hungry man with silver, one ounce, two?

The best defense is to know when to “bug out” of an area, and to have the means to do it. Also, having a multitude of skills that can be helpful in a currency panic and depression will help. Can you fix a car? Mend a power line? Fix a computer? Operate a short wave radio? Can you make a battery? Do you know how to build things like buildings? Repair tires? Fire a weapon, a variety of weapons? Do you own a water distiller? Can you purify water? Do you have gardening skills? Know how to can food? Are you stocked up on salt? Potassium Iodide?

Things to ponder. Because those wolves are loose. They are being exposed as we speak. They are in need of a terrific distraction right about now, a war usually does it…expect one big whopper of one soon. Who and where? That does not matter. Just the fact that they are close to full exposure by daylight tells me that its distraction time again. I expect to see it, “War”, within 18 months, on a scale we have not seen for a very long time.

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