“The Road”, movie review

I missed seeing this one in the theatre. It’s an amazing movie, everyone should see it. Comparable to “Book of Eli” (see my review of), and reminded me of some stories I had read years ago, Alas, Babylon, Threads, The Day After, and On The Beach. It’s a story of father and son, and survival, in a very basic sense. The bad guys and good guys are not UFC Ultimate Fighting Champs, they are made real. Viggo Mortenson is of course brilliant. It is haunting, and throughout, it seems mankind is doomed to base animalistic survival, but the boy’s father instills a sense of understanding good and bad in his boy, keeping him from becoming a savage, or being…well…eaten by one. Every father should see this movie as a guide to how fathers should be. I recommend it. I liked it more than Book of Eli, and am rating it in my top 20 all time favs.

Note: Theres something allegoric about this story, I have not figured it out yet. With the father representing perhaps a general ethos and the boy, a specific sense of life/morality.

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