Terminator I,II,III,and IV, multi movie review

T I-One of the best movies ever made, it introduces us the one the greatest stories ever written, as a child, I graduated from the innocence of Close Encounters, War Games, and E.T. by watching this movie…repeatedly. (And Commando)

T II-Good, but not holding a flame to the first. Much time elapsed between the first and second Terminator movies, so the FX is much improved. Sara meeting the T I unit again was a touching reunion in a psych ward. But it was made for boys, I liked T I because it was made for adults.

T III- After Judgement Day, Rise of the Machines was a breath of fresh air. It is the days & moments leading up to Nuclear attack by the machines. It fills in many blanks, the finale is great.

T IV- Salvation. This one was great. I thought it captured the John Conner we were to expect…after all he was built up for two decades and three films.

Note- I have not seen the Sarah Chronicles (I think they are in a timeline between Judgement Day and Rise of Machines), I understand Season II is out on disc. Sounds like a good winter project for me.

All terminators are great, held to the standards of the first being 5 stars, heres how I would rate the rest.

T II- 3 stars

T III- 4.25 stars

T IV- 4.75 stars.

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