Whats coming in 2011.

The economic crisis is a second Great Depression. There is a real unemployment number of over 20%. Don’t believe it’s under ten.

There are two ways in which this Depression can play out. Fast and Hard, or Slow and Fading.

First, what will “slow and fading” look like?

Well slow meaning the economy will dissipate very slowly, with occasional blips up and down. Our standard of living will drop 50-75% over a 10-20 year period. Legislation already enacted will take effect, or be delayed. Noticable differences will occur over longer periods of time, ie; boy, this town looks different from  3 years ago.

Now the more likely is FAST and Hard. This means an economic crash. This can take many forms. Even good reformers….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqKR3y95XxY&feature=related… will not be able to stop a big, quick fall in either the value of the dollar, a run on the banks, a stock market and real estate crash, or some of all of the above.

Fast, as in a stock market crash can occur in one day of trading, causing a market close, and a slow downward spiral over a week thereafter. Fast, as in sorry sir, the bank is closed, or your withdrawal request is too high. Fast, as in the store shelves are empty, come back in a week sir, and thank you for shopping at Walmart.

Liberty, economic, and civil, are one in the same. But the First Amendment is most important of all others, it allows you to debate back, our other natural rights to keeping or disposing of our own earned property, guns and ammo, ect… Watch for the First Amendment, the freedom of speech, thought, expression, debate, and free movement and action, to be infringed upon in ways no one alive has witnessed before. Do not support people who see First Amendment Rights as restricted privileges.

Taxes, your taxed earned income…does not matter. Taxes should not exist, and we should always advocate lower, flatter, less punishing rates, but when the shit hits the fan, the only true tax is a tax on liberty, ie- your movement, expressions, opinions, and above all, your time. Remember, your life belongs to you and you alone, no one has any valid claim on it, not one second of it, not one penny of it. You are morally in the right when you follow the code that one should never initiate physical force or fraud against another, and one should only use force in a legitimate sense, when threat, of force, or force is initiated upon you. Keep due process, The Law, in mind always. Do not play a role in lynch mobs, frauds, or thefts. Advocate for all beings to insist on their right to live their own lives. The founders did not fight for alleviation of tea taxation, they fought on principle, for their lives and own personal integrity. Man is flawed, power must be earned, liberty has the price of eternal vigilance.

And the times, they are a’ changin’

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