Fly Away Ol’ Byrdie

Looter (Senator) Robert Byrd died yesterday. I wanted to think of one nice thing to say. There was nothing. So heres the rest. This man, like so many in the Senate, was a crook. He help pave the way to torching this nation down economically, and in his nineties, he was still going strong. Occasionally, this reptile let slip his tonge leaving freeways, bridges, and other debt bondage projects named after him. Worms and bacterium will not break down Byrds thick carcass because they will not like the taste of it.

Byrds seat. The Senate seat now vacated will undoubtably be put up for silent action forthwith. The media will paint it as the usual free and fair crowning, but we know better. When the seat actually does come up for election, like Mass., and Brown, watch for an attempt to delay, or change the rules…keep the anointed in, and the elected out. Why? Because appointed or anointed ones are already paid for, elected ones must be bought, and a Senator isn’t cheap.

The KKK. Even though times have changed, ask yourself, what sort of entity could hang free men without trial for reasons of skin pigmentation. Byrd was a white hood wearing senior member..openly.

There is no honoring this ilk. No man, Byrd was a reptile, and would have been better ‘suited’ had he been tailored into someones suitcase or cowboy boots.

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