Who will be the “Goats” ?

Reports have come in that FEMA and DHS have sent out teams to link up with local church and (the rare ‘trusted politician’) political leaders. In some of these meetings, the subject reportedly brought up has been…what to do in the event of a national emergency where marshall law is declared.

{Sheep farmers use vast tract of lands often to graze their flocks. Sheep need to be brought in from time to time for shearing and shipment to slaughter houses. Flocks can be led by a goat, trained, and placed in the herd.}

Know anyone in your local area who could be made a goat? The preacher would be perfect. People listen to, and trust (usually) their “spiritual care providers”. Quarantines, mass vaccinations, forced relocations, can all be made do-able through he use of “goats”.

Relocation will be called, “community aide”. Vaccinations and quarantines “community health”. Why was that health care bill so important? Why were so many pages of it made ‘unavailable’ for public viewing ?

Have an evasive plan in store for yourself and your family. That means, a gassed up car, or walking route, and a stash of food, water, and any medical supplies that you might need. Never volunteer to go to one of these “centres”. And certainly don’t boast about being prepared to stay put for an extended period, it reveals that you have hidden resources which you could lose by someone desperate, and listening.

Most importantly however, is that you are within walking distance of several people whom you trust with your life. Being in a reasonably sane group will increase your ability to survive exponentially. But go ninja style. Keep a low profile. And keep in mind if you have voiced a pro-constitution opinion, you might easily become a target of a faith-based initiative under marshall law.


Yes, this is…outside the comfort zone.

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