Shock and Awe Economics

More independent financial advisors opinions everyday are a warning of a sudden crash of the dollar…this used to be something discussed strictly by conspiracy theorists. Schiff , Brown, Rodgers, and Hoenig talk about looming disasters for the dollar’s value after the monetization for bailouts (seizures) and stimulus (containment camp construction) projects of 2008 (Bush) and 09′ (BHO).

It has to happen, that’s not the laws of economics, that’s the laws of physics. What is debatable is whether the dollar crash happens over a short period of time (a few weeks) or a decade.

When it happens, if it happens very fast, imagine for a moment the panic. Your bank will not allow you to withdraw money, your local gas station may be closed, the power at home may go out for several hours a day, bread, bottled water, and other essentials might not be available in your local grocery store.

One person in a panic is a known quantity, or X. Two people panicking is not X-2…it is X 4 (squared). Imagine a city. This would be the perfect opportunity to torch the nation down for those who dislike the nation, witness the current regime in power.

The one who owns the printing press that prints the dollars will never go broke. The US Mint belongs to “them”. It is their largest arsenal against freedom, it can be used to sway elections, opinions, and attitudes in general, more than any military arsenal can.

They might want a quick unraveling, as it would serve them well to gain even more power in a crisis.

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