Squeezing us through a funnel like hamburger.

The news is dominated by the narrative of “what can people in high places do for you?” This is how penned cattle are herded to destination meat hook. It’s as if we are being squeezed through a funnel with taxation, dollar devaluation, legislation, and regulation.

Tax cuts in effect since 2002  (2003?)will expire at the end of this year. The debt is being monetized. Whole industries are being artificially propped up, or destroyed, based on their favoritism with those in power, elected, anointed, or appointed. Regulations, whose purpose are to maintain zero tolerance of risk (meaning the apparancy of such), whether to investments, bank accounts, or oil extraction, are a logical fallacies of high order. Risk is risk, it will always exist. Regulations force producers to prove a negative, and produce their products with politics in mind…whether that be the politics of tax and regulatory policies, or the paying of bribe money directly or indirectly to political kings and king-makers for “protection”.

Thinkers and producers are in the sights of force initiating, decree wielding, brutes who are looting their hosts at light speed, as they funnel us through the processing line. As Americans begin the panic more and more, they also begin the clamour more and more for the guidance of their messianic marshalls using law for anything BUT the protection of the initiation of physical force or fraud against them.

I belive we now live in an era of “the bug-out” bag. The bug-out bag is a large sort of duffel-bag that every individual should keep packed with enough water, food, and other essentials to keep him or her alive for several days while being mobile and/or away from home. This is not a good sign.

Never trust a government that must print money to pay you..or anyone else. Never trust a government that wants your weapons and ammo. Never trust a government that views crisis after crisis as opportunities. Never trust a government that thinks your inalienable rights are rationed privileges subject to their assessment of your level of desperation.

If you have a source of income, hold it for as long as possible. Keep at least half a tank of gas in your vehicle at all times. Avoid large cities whenever possible, within reason. If you live in a large metro-area, avoid urban central when possible. Keep a mini-bug out bag in your trunk, good for 72 hours.

Store up foods that can keep easily. Keep plenty of water on hand. Buy water in jugs, re-fill those jugs. Avoid crowds, especially when conditions are uncertain. Live within walking distance (100 rural miles or less with portable supplies through rural-semi-rural areas) of at least four people you trust with your life. On any list, always include fresh water at the top, and extra water at the bottom. If you do not feel comfortable wielding a gun, carry a crossbow, . Bleach tablets to clean uncertain water helps. Keep two or more bottles of Mace, or WASP spray. Emergency candles, cash, waterproof matches, a can opener, coffee filters, flashlights, extra batteries, sunblock, an emergency radio, a large sign in your trunk that says something like PLEASE HELP, or S.O.S. Keep binoculars if you can. extra socks, keep your feet dry. These are just “some” ideas.

Its been estimated that “real” unemployment is now at 22 %. That’s right, don’t believe the numbers the boob tube is feeding you. Those numbers are based on “number on or filing for unemployment benefits”.

This is Great Depression II, the sooner you wake up, the better…don’t get squeezed through that funnel I mentioned earlier.

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