The “Dial It Back” Royal Opposition.

Statism, still surging in American politics like a pandemic, will also fade. These things can be referenced throughout the history of these United States.

Statism grows, either slowly, as in the late 60’s & 1970’s, or swiftly, as in the 1930’s. Then, a multitude of candidates rise, almost predictably, and too much consternation to “the establishment”, these candidates never go further than to state that, “a line has been crossed”, or “we have gone too far just now, lets dial it (statism, or totalitarianism) back a bit”. The bulwark of the nation breathes a great sigh of relief, and the private sector gains some of the ground it lost. And that’s the key. Statism is “dialed back”, but not erased. The economy reacts as any collection of futurist entrepreneurs would…”GROWTH”, “EXPANSION”, ect. The economic sun rises from what once was viewed as an eternal “NIGHT”.

All the worlds a stage.

Right now, the political opposition to Obama, Democrats, and in general Leftists, are surging in the polls, and winning elections. Their mantra…”Fix the mess”, and in time, once they are swept in through no less, historic elections, they will fix the mess. But they will only reverse the damage done to a certain, no doubt pre-determined amount. The freedom Americans enjoyed the passed two decades will not fully return. The economic growth rates that American economic think-tanks measured, will still be measured, but those rates will not be as radically enjoyable as past rates for past durations. Many on the right have “favorite” candidates. Golden boys and girls that they believe will bring back the days in America where prosperity blossomed, or (they think) even more so.

Let me burst that bubble here.

There is no one on the right, in the Republican Party, nor in any Party, that will reverse the legislation that has passed these recent months and years that has damaged America. I repeat, no one. Reagan might have undone Carter, but did he undo Johnson, Nixon, and Ford? No. Ike undid Truman. Did he undo FDR? No. Could, or will, a Sarah Palin type candidate undo the last surge of enslaving legislation? Most likely, all, or most of it. But will she (or he) undo Bush 1 & 2 and Clinton? No.

The march toward total control (zero tolerance for freedom) takes twenty steps up, ten steps back, acclimates, then begins to slowly ascend again. Boobus Americanus, that is, the average American on the sidelines, will observe this play out, in the short, as an act, but will fail to see the entire play, theatre set, or auditorium.

In the end, some generation at some point in the future will rebel, but when they do, out of necessity, they will be jumping out of line at the slaughter-house… and quickly noticed by the Queens guard.

I despise the left, and everything the left stands for, which is economic slavery, unabashed. However, I despise the “right” even more, for rubbing our tummies with visions of grand recoveries and returned freedoms, putting the masses to sleep, acclimatizing us to the long-term trend of destruction…its about acclimation.

That’s all it ever was about.

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