Look, the dream is over, theres no money left.

In a conversation with a ‘economic liberal, social conservative’ this morning I discovered that the dream still lives among, leftists, enviro-nazis, fascists, obamazombies, and democRats, Even though there is no money left to redistribute to constituents, the dream of holding a gun to the ABLE in the “interests” of the UNable, is alive and well. Here is Hayek’s “Fatal Conceit”, Friedman’s, “Statist”, Rands “Looter”, the Marxist, nihilist, Fascist pig who insists that wealth is produced in order to be looted. That effort is vanity. That success is ill-gotten booty…that America is a nation to be shamed, its best people, villified…mind you, while its worst seize power.

I am not advocating violence…but I have always believed that “where legal to obtain”, the best gun , is a ‘unregistered one’.

Wealth must be produced. There is no pie, or limited quantity that rich men hoard to themselves.

Wealth itself is the product of achievement, in most cases. To vilify wealth is to vilify the concept of property, and is an oppressive thing, indeed.

Rights protect people from each other, you know, the guy next to you that wants yours, without earning it. Rights protect individuals (the smallest minority) from the State, the largest, most powerful (monopoly on force) collective.

We stand together, or he hang separately.

Income taxes are destructive to the human spirit. Taxes in general, and this includes monetized devaluation of the dollar-inflation,  should be outlawed, they are not a legitimate use of force by the State.

The only legitimate use of force by the State is to protect peoples rights. As long as candidates exist, and as long as people exist who encourage this crap, who advocate the use of force for things other than the protection of individual rights, we will have tyranny.

I support, in the same respect as a separation of religion and state, a separation of science, economy, and education…and State.

This means, government must be funded voluntarily, and no other way, religion is an individual choice, science must not be used to enhance tyranny, hands off! And education is the responsibility of every individual and family. Separate these four pillars from the institute that has a monopoly on force (The State) and you have prosperity, and individual beings understand as well, the necessity of personal integrity and responsibility.

The tyrants dream is everyone elses nightmare.

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