Unsustainable or Aristotle

The US Government is on an unsustainable path. A nation cannot have 40-50 % of its people subsidizing the other 50-60% of the population for long. It cannot monetize its debt forever, without repercussions. It cannot tax already overtaxed citizens, and expect increased tax revenues. It cannot solve a crisis, by creating another crisis. One cannot sweep all the dirt on the floor under the rug forever, and expect the rug not to start bulging up. One cannot expect power to be generated from an electrical socket, it must be mined, engineered, and transferred miles. One cannot hold a gun to a businessman, and tell him he must hand over his profits, reduce his costs, and deliver the same service or product.

It means, one cannot eat their cake, and have it, to.

It is not a Democrat-Republican issue. It is not a conservative-liberal issue. It is not this brand, or that brand, this talking point, or that talking point, this crisis, or that crisis, issue. It is an issue that Aristotle solved years ago.

Aristotle said, that A is A. What he meant by this was that, “it is, what it is”. What that means is that reality is reality. Production is producing something. Reform, is repairing something. Liberty is the ability to act, in an atmosphere without force.

Our current path is the path of a nation dominated by Plato, and lacking Aristotle. Dominated by Hume, and lacking Locke. Dominated by evasion…and lacking reason.

And things are only getting worse.

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