But there should be even “more” outrage.

TurboTax Tim, U.S. Treasury Secretary, worked for Goldman Sacs before the financial crisis, and soon after, working for the taxpayers, advised and orchestrated the bailout of Goldman Sacs and others. As a taxpaying Ox, you were yoked already, but now the State, your “owner” ties you to a merry-go-round, and tightens the yoke, and the minute your paint a sign and stand in a peaceful protest asking this government to be responsible, you are label a ungratefull ox, or something worse. There should be more outrage in this country. There should be NO politician expecting re-election. Force them to overtly declare dictatorship, to hell with it.

And another thing…

Every move Congress makes, every decree the President makes, and every penny arbitrarily taken from BP without a court of law settlement is one giant leap toward a banana republic. I want BP to reimburse everyone who deserves to be, to the degree that they should be. But to just allow a President to arbitrarily decide how much BP must pay, and to whom (likely most payments will go to Obama supporters and other jackbooters) is the mark of a failed, desperate power-hungry government. You think the clean up is being botched and delayed too much? Watch the reimbursement process get shot all to hell in short order as well. The worst of the worst at BP could have handled the reimbursements better than the best in the federal government.

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