Knowledge & Power

The one thing Americans, and the rest of the world for that matter, can count on, is that those given power will very often, seek more power than they were officially given. I don’t think this goes for every politician, but to a small percentage of them, which is a sizable enough percentage to spoil at least a majority of the other apples in the basket. But power cannot be kept without knowledge. It can be gained through knowledge…but to sustain a position of power, a politician (or any person in said position) needs a great amount of knowledge.

Right now, the United States Governments elected (and some unelected) officials are discovering what Caligula, Napoleon, and King George discovered century’s ago. It takes an effort to obtain AND sustain. Watching politicians (most) on either side of the aisle today is an education in the controllers desperate actions as they begin “losing” that control. To many politicians in DC and most state capitals, control over the minds of men is goal number one. By what means ? By whatever means are available, legal, or not, so long as the general populace continues to exist in its comatose state of baseball games and mini van excursions. Perhaps the dreaded Great Depression II has not been noticed yet by most, but it will, it will be hard to hide once one in four of your friends are unemployed and your dollars buy half what they did one year ago. For now, complacency is the norm. But the World Bank, the IMF, the Fed Reserve, the BIS and multiple federal agencies, state governments, and local good ol’ boys are on an unsustainable track, racing toward an obvious and inevitable cliff. They are so unable to confront their obvious misunderstandings regarding reality that they are calculating that “if the passengers in my bus don’t notice the cliff up ahead, why should I, the bus driver, worry?”

Seems too impossible, I know.

Perhaps we are witnessing, as well, World War III in progress around us? There just hasn’t been an official declaration by anyone yet. Why? Because we are still in the early covert stages of this War. A dead Archduke did not make a world turn its head…not yet anyway. A dying world economy has not turned the heads of many people either…but it is the beginnings of a major war between men who want to be free, and men who want to enslave the minds of the livestock they observe,  and they are tasting success, and are growing more hungry for power, by the day. They are also looking rather desperate. They are beginning to blame each other frequently now. This is a source of entertainment now, but they are also sounding the police-state calls as well. They need a crisis right about now, a historic one, and they will deliver it to us wholesale soon.

Question any government edict or law that regards the internet as contemptible, any talking head who advocates government start becoming more dictatorial, or any new weapons orders being placed by government agencies.

Turn the volume down on your TV, watch, observe. Whats it telling you? If it’s not what you thought when you were actually listening, unplug it. Browse the web for your data. Buy gold. Learn a basic skill. Stock up on canned tuna and bottled water. Expect the unexpected. Be as prepared as you can, after all, no position of power is given up without a fight, and that fight could be a nasty one if the persons in power are expanding it and wielding it against you.

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