Gulf Scavenging with Bart Stupak

Congressman Stupak recently remarked that some of the BP money (which normally would be compensating victims of the spill for economic losses through objective courts of law) could be used to fund health care. So let me get this straight, we can force vaccinate more calves  kiddies with the loot than we can comp. fisherman. The O-Admin is more focused on redistributing BPs fine “stash” to future voters than plugging that damn hole and sucking up all that crude. Even Carter had more executive qual. Any rational, non-marxist regime would understand that its time to get the bureaucrats “the hell out-of-the-way” and let real men with real boats ready to fix a real problem get to work, mandated life jackets on board, or not. But Obama is not about crisis repair, and he is too incompetent to be about crisis (or any other kind of) creation. Obama is the kind of “leader” who is all about not letting a “good crisis, go to waste”. Even moonbats are wavering in their support of BHO.

Note : I have never met someone who claims to have voted for Jimmy Carter. Factoid, Jimmy Carter won by clear majority, but none of his voters seem to be alive today. Where will Obama-zombies be in 2016? Will they all disappear as well?

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