The B.P. Oil spill: The Real Crisis is the reaction.

Thomas Frank wrote this…

To which Wendy Milling responded with this slam dunk…

Philosophically speaking, this is the best article yet regarding the causes and solutions to industrial accidents and disasters. As well, it is an uncompromising, principled stance for free markets. This is rare, even within Tea Party circles a position like this would be considered “rare” in its pure brilliance. The mind cannot function properly, if it is not free. Therefore, a free market cannot possibly exist without free minds. The two are corollaries (as Ayn Rand once said). We cannot regulate a market (control it by point of a gun), and expect its prime movers to act rationally, just as you or I cannot be expected to act and think as we normally do when confronting the other end of a muggers muzzle.

The solution to a government using the initiation of force against individuals is not to increase the amount of force it uses by shutting down a whole economic sector in the middle of a recession/depression. The solution is to abide by the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution by respecting individual rights equally, on principle, and in action. Instead, the reaction by the federal government will be even more detrimental to the economy. Both political and ideological aisles will feast on class war sandwiches. More regulations, retroactive punitive edicts, decrees and laws, fines, government seizures, and calls for kangaroo courts for more injustices. We are seeing just the tip of the fascistic new frontier our forefathers warned us would come. One cannot kill energy production, and consume it, to…just as one cannot have their cake, and eat it, to.

Coupled with a near future hyper-inflationary dip, energy is going to get very expensive, very soon. After all, as Rahm (Dead-Fish) Emmanuel once said, “a crisis, is a terrible thing to waste”.

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