Help Keep Sky From Falling…

Many state and local governments are more frequently beginning to report the possibility that “they might be forced to SHUT DOWN”, thus causing the sky to fall. Now, I know we can do our part to assist them. Some have even made helpful “suggestions” as to HOW we can helpfully “participate”. We can feed them 10-30 percent property and sales tax increases. After all, we need cops as well as 10 percent of the local population getting free needles and subsidized housing. We can work for money for the public sector unions by being paid to picket with them in outrage over their annual raise reductions of 2 percent. And since we are at it, I bet we can send our first-born to the temple-top for something only an Aztec could be proud of…after all…the sky is falling, and we are all chickens without heads, once proud men without hats.

So help keep the sky from falling and insist that the state of New Yorks morally and fiscally corrupt government stays in business, and California’s state-wide disconnect from the basic tenants of reality can be continued.

End transmission.

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