Bush Rears Head On Facebook

I won’t link to it, the two minutes of Messianic nods and wimpy thank yous that is the extent of the Bush Facebook Quickie clip. But I did want to say something about his legacy with America.

For a couple of decades, Americans who love liberty have watched on as the defense of liberty and freedom were eroded by an ever-expanding State. The Republican Party, which was supposed to fight progressivism, (the kind the Democrat Party adored and ushered in with high moral rationalizations) has led to an utter economic disaster, predictably. Bush got elected, not because of voter fraud, but because Karl Rove successfully put a coat of “pro freedom Red, White, & Blue” paint on him, covering his progressive ideology underneath, which ran straight to his skull, and bones. Talk radio types like Rush Limbaugh, though quizzed by some of his explicit legislative moves, remained devote Bush apologists, leading the listening lambs to the slaughter-house that was the original bailouts, and auto company seizures. The State seized, predictably, more power under Bush than Clinton, a man ‘talk radio cheer-leaders’  despised for his progressivism. What made the Tea Parties? Though Rick Santelli’s rant may have been a ‘trigger’, it was the betrayal on the right that built the rebellion. Bush declaring that the free market had ‘failed’ dug underneath the skin of many freedom loving Americans who knew better. Talk-radio hosts righted their spines quick and began attacking this notion, while defending the message carrier by impulsive default. Tea Partys sprung from the notion that there WAS NO real opposition to this torch and burn economic policy. The vehicle to political victory for Tea Partiers is obviously the GOP, so with that talk radio, in general, now supports it as a movement, but reversing the damage has two major hurdles.

1. The GOP, or Republican Party, is full of “old boys”. Men and women without a hint of principle who would sooner bow to a dictator than take a real position on the issues that’s consistently pro-freedom. Replacing them over the years in primaries will take a long time.

2. Time, there’s very little left. There may in fact, not be enough. The economic condition of this nation is so haggard that a new crisis is bound to emerge before the 2012 elections take place. A majority of Americans will gladly give up their freedoms in exchange for security, especially financial security. Recent polling has shown that average American understanding of even basic economics is severely lacking. The Tea Party could form its own Party, take Congress, and The White House in 2012, and begin the task of liberating the economy from payroll deduction assault and regulatory jackbooting, and be rejected just as progressives are beginning to be now…if the condition gets worse. Fear is a powerful motivator. Tick tock, tick tock.

Bush reappearing after his retreat is just a reminder that the only thing we have left right now, is an idea. The idea that we own our lives 100 percent, and that even .001 percent of our lives should at all times be non-negotiable. No matter the Party, no matter the talking points, no matter the glorious sound of ‘the greatness of sacrifice’, we own ourselves. Bush, once branded as a messianic savior, as Obama is now, can take a flying leap at a rolling donut. If we are damn lucky, we can relegate Obama’s influence to Facebook by 2013 as well. I fear by then, thanks to Bush’s actions as President, and Obama’s actions so far, there will be no economy to speak of anyway. If Party politics was a solution, no one would have bothered picking up a sign. The Great Depression II could have never sprung. The cherry on top? Rumours persist that brother Jeb Bush may consider a run at the Oval Office in 2012.

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