Revolution of the Mind

“..and the meek shall inherit the earth.”

It’s no mystery that America is undergoing a cultural change. Old establishments are being eased aside for new online data sharing networks. The internet, (as any radical technology has in history) is changing forever the human race. Before the “Industrial Revolution”, the average lifespan was about thirty years. Think about that, what fresh hell to be born and in two decades to be toothless. There were exceptions. But compare that to today, the average human in America lives to about 70+ years. That’s astounding! Paul Revere had to ride a long time to spread the word that British tyrants were readying an assault. He also had to know a lot of people who knew a lot of people who knew a lot of people, to spread “the word”. Today, as Americans face down a new tyranny, there’s a “Paul Revere” in nearly every home, known as an online “connection”.As well as 1776, 2010 is a time that tries mens souls. We are very close to letting slip the dogs of war, dictatorship is one crisis away.. after all..who do you know right now that’s more concerned with the baseball game this weekend and the charcoal bricketts? How many people concern themselves with their fishing limits, their reality show time, the latest  local rumour? Boobus Americanus is everywhere and at all times, numbed into an apathetic ball with concerns other than “personal freedom”. But the minds of men are slowly starting to wake up. Something is south of cheese in America and its being blown in from the “old establishments” of boob tube TV, and  D.C.,and the establishment does not like these facts. They know the shit they have been shoveling is not the gold people once thought it was. We are not the animals in the zoo, we wake up to find, that we are the ones looking at the establishment and putting them in the zoo.

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