“The Edge”, a movie review

The Edge (circa late nineties) just might be my favorite movie. An adventure tale starring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin, this movie delivers the action, the scenery, the storyline, and the ‘bear’. Hopkins, a billionaire, plus entourage, take a detour deep into the Canadian Rockies on a photo hunt. Things go very wrong. Personalities come out in full view while three men attempt to survive the wilds, lost, cold, and chased relentlessly for days (and nights) by a man-eating bear. Being a veteran, I am fully aware of what can happen to a typical person when put under life threatening duress for prolonged periods. No war movie that I have seen (and I have seen a lot) really captures that struggle to stay sane and aware of your surroundings. Though “The Edge” is not a war movie, it captures this will to survive and struggle against apathy near perfectly. Another thing I like about the movie is that the billionaire is not evil. So often, movies portrait the successful businessman as a weird case, or plain evil. Michael Mann or Larry David (?) (writer-director), likes to do this sort of thing in his movies, his sense of life, and living, is much more squared with reality than most writers and directors in hollywood, who tend to be nihilistic or mush minded about morality, absolutism, and ideas. Of course, I recommend this movie for all audiences. If I were a high school principal, it would be required viewing in order for a student to graduate. I have seen it at least two dozen times, everyone should watch it at least once.

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