Rand Paul and The CRA

Senator Dr. Rand Paul (son of Rep. Dr. Ron Paul) recently pointed to a moral flaw in the Civil Rights amendment. And I agree. As the Tea Parties first elected politician ( a Senator no less) Rand Paul simply stated that the CRA allows for government to tell property owners what they can and cannot do on their own property. The point of the civil rights amendment was to make it unlawful to discriminate. It was needed because many policeman, justices of the peace, ect (ie: government employees) were operating in a  capacity of being racist. When you cannot call a cop because you are black, but you have just been robbed at gunpoint…then what? The part Rand Paul disagreed with was not this. He disagreed with the idea that a government can use force to determine the percentages of minorities who work for you, the percentages of minorities that should be alloted to a given school, ect..One must also ask with all this trialist thought slinging around..is that government deciding these things with total multi cultural immunity? Whats its track record? Whats any governments track record through history, in regards to minorities? An important question since government by nature has a legal monopoly on the use of force (and mind you-a moral obligation to use force ONLY in response to an initiation of force and fraud against its citizens). As well, if a company today decided it would only accept “white” customers, or “blue” employees…I would expect a boycott would bankrupt them within a week.

Its time to revisit the Civil Rights Amendment. Rand Paul has brought to bear a thoughtful argument, something his accusers in the press and party colleagues under wishy-washy liars duress (Republicans who feel they need to constantly prove a negative when being called racist) rarely do. Hats off to Senator Paul, and a good introduction for the new Senator..if you represent tea parties, then in the eyes of the establishment, you must be…”a racist,a  sexist,a bigot, and a homophobe”. Time will tell if he bows to establishment goons and tribalists, or, holds on to the principles that got him elected. And as Ayn Rand once said..”the smallest minority in the world is the individual”, and as such, individual rights need affirmation here, since they affirm that all beings are born equal, period.

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