Some thoughts on the future of mankind.

  So much has changed so fast in the area of human inventiveness that I thought I would just jot down some thoughts on this.
The hard drive has improved about 1 million times per bang for your buck, since 1980. Nanotechnology has improved a lot, and micro technology can be found in your average surgical room. Quantum technology has shown its possible to build tiny engines that literally are fueled by the air we breathe. Now, cells can be made fully artificially from 4 containers of chemicals and a complex software system. I read somewhere that under ideal conditions the human body can survive well over 100 years. What of adding to that new medical breakthroughs?
  What will the future hold for human ability? The US military has been successfully designing strength enhancement suits. A man with an inability to move any body parts at all was recently given the ability to communicate through an electronic implant placed in the speech part of his brain. How can already able persons use this to super-charge ability?
Just some things to ponder.
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