The Individuals v The Ideas

One common thread with conspiracy theories, and there are many, is that a few select individuals, control the whole of the worlds capital, and people. Is this possible? The two most powerful things on earth are beings, and their thoughts. But which trumps the other? There are, in fact, powerful individuals who walk the earth. There are also, in obvious fact, powerful ideas that blanket the globes marketplace of ideas. Does one trump the other? Without question, we live in a world filled with nasty, dark, dangerous, life-damaging ideas. Racial purity, socialism, communism, various brands of frauds, and forces for bounties.

I for one claim that ideas are more powerful. After all, how could a “global elite” of shadowy figures gain secretive powers over the world? They need a plan, a plan based on a premise, a collection of thoughts, ideas, and visions of what they believe is “optimum”. But if such a group exists, it has to have ideas, and those ideas need to be accepted by a least a sizable, if not influential sizable portion, of the general populus.

The battleground is a philosophical one. Is the individual an end in himself, or is he a means to the  ends of others? I think one has to ask him or herself, where one stands on that fundamental issue. This is the first and last line of defense. If there exists a conspiracy, its an open one, a conspiracy OF conspiracies meant to distract thinking beings from ideas and toward a select group of mixed mad hatters and statists…like a moth to a bug zapper, some theories might be interesting but I recommend not getting to close to the odd blue warm light or you will find yourself wings down on the cement , literally concrete bound, unable to fight the real fight, that of  Thought V. Thought.

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