Economic Destruction, On Purpose

Want to know how a nation can be torn apart from within? How to destroy an economy on purpose? Open your eyes and look around you, it is being done as we watch. A banking industry cannot “recover” if its worst, and largest, are artificially held up by taxpayer dollars and monetized debt (code for government sanctioned dollar devaluation, or, the real hidden taxes). In a normal recession (recessions in general are NOT normal, mind you), resources such as people, jobs, capital, and investments, relocate to better, more IN DEMAND areas of the ever adjusting economy. Real estate brokers become debt consultants, home builders become storefront webmasters, money allocated to land is allocated to web space, and money allocated to financial services is allocated from NINJA loaning to debt consolidation. Time passes, normalcy returns. Not this time. While certain markets have borrowed deep into losses, others have been propped up via deficit spending, delaying their inevitable decline for another day, which will no doubt, be a far worse decline. Capitalism is not the picking and choosing of winners and losers. What is happening now is a nation being conditioned to expect that things like this are going to “just happen from time to time”. And that “we are just not going to ever get to the bottom of it”. Some Commission will be held, fingers get pointed, winners and losers chosen, traded, pardoned. The United States, and the world, slip deeper in the “non-normal” normalcy of complacent declination, managed as collected masses. Not only do “individual rights” get lost along this path we are on (or super-freeway as I call it), the very concept of The Individual is forgotten.

The debate between chains and freedom is over. Every man has a right to live for his own sake. Before the ink dried on the Declaration of Independence over two centuries ago, a moral flag was raised by mankind. Every flag sewn and flown since has been a false flag.

Inflation is at an all time low because consumers are at an all time frozen fear. When the amount of dollar bills in circulation overwhelms them, which will be soon, inflation will be overwhelming and with standards of living borrowed deep in the stagnant swampy muck known as stagnation, new false flags will rise. Crisis begets crisis. New normals are accepted by a more complacent populi, ect, et el.

What this, and other economies world-wide need, is a healthy dose of “hands off” by governments. Civilisation cannot forever perpetuate gifts to Greece.

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