The Mechanics of a Free Society: Part Two

In a Republic, a vast majority of its individuals “know” that they “own their own lives”. This means that if they decide to start a business, they go out and start a business. Theres no tax ID number to acquire, no license, no employee regulations classes. To expand that same business, an individual knows that he must work hard, and smart. Theres no local commission that he needs permission from, there’s no politician who needs to repeal or replace or write a law. Theres no anti-trust rules that stipulate he must not expand beyond a certain point. It’s just him, and its up to him, to either expand, contract, or go out of business, based on the number of people  whom he can exchange with to “mutual benefit”. With this picture, there are no exceptions in a Republic. There are no “special emergencies rules”, the rules are short and sweet and constant and applied equally to everyone. No one has the right to initiate force or fraud against another unless it is in response to the initiation of force already. That a government is instituted among men to settle disputes between them in a court using objective laws. That governments only function is to protect its citizens from this force and fraud, and to use force to protect the rights of its citizens, and for nothing else. Police, courts, national defense. That those rights are specifically, rights to action. To live his own life as he or she sees fit. To free exchange, belief, communication, and production. Finally, to seek achievement of his or her own values. If ones actions prevent the ability of another to seek happiness and achievement, or rights, a proper fair criminal and penal system exists so long as its codes center on a mans right to live for his own sake, and do not deviate.

And a population must be diligent to keep this.

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