Movie Review: “Man From Earth”

Jerome Bixby’s “Man From Earth” (circa 2007) is another one of those highly rated indie movies that no one has heard of, but is really good. Theres no action scenes, and a majority of it is shot inside of an old secluded cabin with multiple lesser known actors. Basically, the premise of the movie is that a college teacher, and his peers, collect together at his secluded home to say goodbye to him. He is “moving on”. His name is John. But John has a secret, he’s over 14,000 years old. The events that follow this revelation are centered around the reactions of his guests. Disbelief, anger, elation. Each handles Johns stories differently. When the subject of religion comes up, you can imagine, things get a little heated. I recommend it for a cool rainy night, and watch it without distraction, make a list of questions you personally would ask Mr John Oldman. Think about what his answers might be.

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