The Mechanics of a Free Society: Part One

No law can make man free. He just is. His rights can be protected by law, thus that freedom is acknowledged. But mans rights are facts of life, like gravity, breathing air, ect..

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These are the three pillars of mans rights. Adding anything to them, destroys them. Removing one, destroys the others. To insure an individual has a right to his or her own life, a government must be instituted to protect them. A government is an agency of force. Police, courts, and a national defense. A good Constitution must clearly list a seperation of economy & state, science & state, religion & state, and education & state. This means, a good, proper Republic cannot do the following things. Tax, print money, run schools, own property, nor influence¬†religion or science. America, is not a Republic. It was founded “as” a Republic. But it is not. Can a government even exist without taxation powers, or the ability to print money? Ofcourse it can. Will there be freeloaders? Ofcourse there will be. Will some currencies be fraudulent? Sure, that is why courts of law are required. Will some people require charity for schooling, clothing , shelter, or food? Ofcourse. Is it charity when the donor has a gun to his head? No. Is a government acting ethically if it does this? No, it cannot, and will gradually degrade if it does.

How does America obtain the status of “a republic”? By taking a principled stand for freedom, one individual at a time.

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