Undo credits to the political right.

Politics has never been as interesting as it is today. By politics I mean, the larger macro social contexts in which peoples interact as “society”. The current situation in America reflects a sort of broader situation worldwide. With the election of Barack Obama, major new ideological battle lines have been drawn. One of the most perceptive articles describing this that I have read is here:


Ronald Reagan once said that there is no political left & right, only up & down. I doubt he was the first to originate that idea. By up and down he meant that there’s “better” and there’s “worse”, there’s good & bad, theres freedom, and slavery. I think this is an important piece of the political puzzle one must look at. Perhaps I should refer to politics from this new paradigm. For example, “so and so, as Congressman is “up” of midway”, “and Barney Frank is down of midway”. Rather than the left, and right. Midway is current situation, up=better, down=worse.

Obama, his allies, and his Party, are definitely taking us “down” from midway. Bush and Clinton did the same, but with Obama, “its clear”. The last time I think this sort of question was THIS CLEAR, America as a new nation, declared its independence from the British crown. Is something this radical possible today? Thats the question of the century. If we continue downward, America as a nation has about two or three decades left before it is totally undone, internally, and possibly externally as well.

The modern-day tea party movement (TPM) is a manifestation of several things. First and foremost, a reaction to the radical political policies and strategies of the DOWN crowd. Primarily today, the DOWN crowd are Democrats. Their ideals are socialistic with elements of fascism thrown in for flavor. Many honest, taxpaying patriotic Americans would have simply flocked to the Republican Party had they perceived this as the best answer to the DOWN crowd. Some have. But many have not, thus TPM was born. Now the TPM has many different elements within it. Some favor the Republicans as an engine to move the cause of UP. But even a cursory look at most Republicans and one gets the sense that a compromise of principles is as far as one can get with these guys. Which in long-range terms means, nowhere. But nowhere at a slower and more even pace. A major group of TPM is the “Conservatives”. In this group I lump a wide range of ideologies. Theres the Neo-Con. Supporters of Bush, but embarrassed. Then theres the talk-radio conservatives. These guys are very Reaganesque. Mostly good, but not consistently principled on freedom. There are also “Constitutional Conservatives”, whom I liken to libertarians, classical liberals, and general pro-liberty types, many of whom like the Reaganesque message, minus the religious dogmas and social  conformity. Ofcourse, we have the MISL. crowd as well. Anyone not covered above.

Whats going to happen next?

Based on most polling data, it looks like a landslide for conservatives and republicans of all shapes, sizes and breeds. As I see it now, this can be good, and bad as well. In November, one-third of the Senate, and the entire House, is up for re-election. By January 2011, most of those seats are probably going to go Republicans. Whats good, is that this stops the steamroller known as Obamunism. It will gridlock the Congress. Many new candidates with higher principles will be on the scene in Washington, such as, perhaps, this fellow…


But many “bad” conservatives and republicans will retain their seats. The electorate could easily fall asleep, thinking the “coast is clear” when in fact it is not. Why? Many do not understand the full meaning of individual rights. Or, many have an understanding of them, but chose to apply them to the issues inconsistently, which means they are basically astray on the very concept of “principles”.



We live in a time of crisis management, and buying time. I understand “why” TPMers are interested in towing a party vote. I plan the same actions, but the fight for freedom will not be won, not even close, after achieving a gridlock in the legislative branch. Theres much more work that needs to be done. Advocates for Up-ism, or liberty, must take the momentum gained from electoral victories in November, and push on to 2012. This is where times, I predict, will be even tougher, as Americas current economic crisis worsens and larger numbers of individuals flock to security, and away from freedom. No so-called “farmer-general” has risen up to lead us into debates on reversing economic and political DOWN-ism, but there’s still some time. In the end, mechanics mean very little, the wording in an amendment or law can be perverted over time. A new tax system can be perverted. It is cultural/ideological thinking, that will determine America, and the worlds, future path. Left & Right mean much less today than, good v evil. Strategically, the “right” can gridlock the “left”, but in the end, Up must trump Down. I just hope the TPM does not credit “conservatism” or “republicanism” as mechanical vehicles, for any progress long-range toward freedom. Ideas matter most. In that, it only takes a very small minority to win on ideas, if they are righteous. Lenin was once quoted as saying, and I am paraphrasing: “There are now 6 people who fully understand the writings of Karl Marx and The Communist Manifesto, victory for the revolution, is assured.” factoring in the current state of the culture and adjusting for population differences, we need 300 Spartans.

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