Movie Review:No Country For Old Men

Air gun, pressurized O2 tank, hotel ventilation system, border bridge. All unforgettable tid bits from an otherwise forgettable movie. This is “The Big Lebowski” minus humor…so.. just dark depravity. But I still have to recommend it. Why? Because it burns to be viewed, and thought about. It’s like a National Geographic special, where humans are divided into differing sub-specie, and prowling for  each other, corrupt sheriff v bounty hunter v assassin, and the spectacle takes place on some hot steppe plain, where the earth is tarmac, and innocents is an obscure thing made into quick dinner, a reptilian take on the mammal. Fallen prey in this world play a question game show before they die, its interesting, and highly twisted. In that respect, perhaps it is a comedy and I didn’t catch the punchline. Enjoy it and save western civilisation if you can, but never use that peephole in your door again.

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