“I’ve Gotta Pizza In The Oven!”

Headline Boobus Americanus.

30,000 show up for double-header baseball game, and 2,500 show up down the road for tax protest rally. Ladies and gentleman, until these numbers are reversed, until the sleepers have awakened, until that headline reads “30,000 at tax protest rally, and 2,500 show up for double-header”, expect no change. But don’t rush off for season tickets just yet.

As the old saying goes, ‘all undercurrents spring, eventually”. There is a level, a point, a tipping point, that every individual, and every group of individuals hit, at which they begin to take the serious more seriously, and the trivial, as more trivial.

I have a saying for times like these. It’s a phrase that is used in various forms. I call it, “I’ve gotta pizza in the oven”.

It means; I will take a rain check on that thought, or action.

KNOCK ON DOOR. “Sir, we are evacuating the block due to a major gas line leak” Response: “Can it wait officer? I have a pizza in the oven”. The urgency of this situation is tantamount, but the resident observed, boobus americanus, specie pre-extinctus sphinctus, has other “concerns” he or she views as much more “pressing”. A British Zombie-Fav, “Shaun of the Dead” illustrates this mentality vividly. This is why more and more often, the electorate is refered to as sheep by its few who actually pay at least some attention. A recent example of electoral pizza baking is 9/11. On 9/12, the nation was united in anger, interest, and flag waving. This was followed by several years of mourning and fickle debate. This was followed by no declarations of war, but multiple declarations of nation building, sending troops to slaughter to build islamic sewers and drop food “bombs”. Going back a few decades. Had FDR post-Pearl Harbor declared that the US learn to understand Shintoism “better”, help build a coalition government for the people of Guam, ect…as popular as he was, he would have been impeached. On an alternative time-line, Hitler would have had time to build “the bomb” and introduce it to our shores while we feverishly shuffled to negotiate terms of surrender.

FDR burned the hell out of his pizza. Your average American saw the threat on a fundamental, ideological level, the same way the ‘rebel alliance” saw Darth Vader as a potential problem in regards to their livelihoods. Did many of our finest not come home? Yes. But with enough political will, we turned the fascist tide. Morality was on our side. What will it take to defeat the new enemy? A positive ID would be a nice start. Nearly a decade has passed. From W.T.C ! to W.T.F ? we watch as Iranians build their first bomb, inform us Hezbollah will have access to it, and our response is “stiff trade sanctions”. Chamberlain has been trumped.

Wars are never won on the defense, or on the delay. Futures are lost because of these things.

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