Greece, morality, and brotherhood.

Greece burns, as rioters in her public sector unions proclaim they don’t have “enough” of other peoples money. This is what Romans meant by “bread and circuses”.

On the one hand, promises have been made, by the various Greek governments, to the large Greek sector of government employees..which is one-third of Greece’s’ workforce. The lesson here should be Randian at minimum..”You can’t have your cake, and eat it, to.” Imagine what the non-rioting two-thirds of the Greek workforce is thinking? If this is what happens when “workers of Greece, unite”, than I would hate to see what happens when “the workers of the world, unite “.

The only legitimate function of “a” government is to protect us from bad guys, anything less or more is uncivilised, and can get down right brutish. Rights are rights to “actions“, and not other peoples money,products, services, and time. Why? Because it cannot be a right if it violates a right. An entitlement is just that. It should never be that government is instituted to promise entitlement, this sort of thing causes economies to struggle, riots to inevitably break out, and needless death and destruction to occur. The solution is not to bailout the problem. Why should Americans who are being given birth to right now, enter a world in which they owe Greek Titles? Are we now born subjects to the EU, IMF, and US Government? No. Each one of us, every being on this planet which has a mind, and can use it to aid its own survival, has a right to exist for his own sake.  Everything else that any government boss, union boss, or mob boss tells you to the contrary, is pure bunk. Americans, and even the entire planets citizens, cannot unite under any other banner and expect peace, prosperity and, civility. We must hold high the banner of “individual rights”  as a moral declaration that each of us is equal and sovern first, before we are brothers, and brothers only if it is by mutual consent to mutual benefit. This is possible in the absence of force and fraud. The actual key ingredient is government, in that government holds a monopoly on force, however, it acts morally only if force or fraud has already been initiated. When government does not act in kind, or if it initiates force or fraud upon its own citizens, having been chartered only to protect them from said force and fraud, we enter into the long, spiralling abyss to tyranny, the road to serfdom, and the Atlas, shrugged.

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