Republican Rehab 101

Tea Partiers have begun the process of rehabing the late great Grand Old Party. This week, news that an old boy Senator from Utah (18yrs & counting) lost his primary endorsement to a tea party endorsed new Republican. This is big, significant news. The “old boys club” is beginning to strain under the applied pressure of a people fed up with a party that always finds a way to compromise on their principles. When a party claims to be the party of the “individual”, a party “for liberty”, or a “party of freedom” and delivers nothing but chains for two decades, at some point its membership has to change. This is natural, and way overdue. But we cannot return the concept of freedom to politics without looking at both major parties. Right now, the Democrat Party is being run by people who make no bones about increasing restrictions on freedom for individuals and businesses, as well as raising taxes and printing money (raising taxes on pre-taxpayers). This path is unsustainable, and these actions will cause major upheaval in the Democrat Party as inflation begins to creep onto the scene. Theres no “outspending” inflation. To fix inflation, needy hearts waiting for shiny nickles will have to be let down, and told to find a job. This is not something the Democrat base right now, wants to hear. But ” it is what it is ” , as Aristotle was fond of saying. Reality has a funny way of introducing itself if its been avoided for too long. But back to the Republicans. If George W. Bush had decided to seek the nomination in 2012 instead of 2000, I think he could have been laughed off every stage, as Romney (his doppleganger) should be. But we have our own list of potential candidates for 2012. Huckabee, social conservative with bad economic record, Palin, social conservative with bad endorsement record, Perry, fiscally sane but has had some strange ideas that are enough to make me not trust him. Jeb Bush, forget it, this is not a monarchy. Pawlenty, an admitted pragmatist who will give us tyranny-lite, if there is such a thing. I hate to say this because I’m not too thrilled with libertarians, but Bob Barr might run, and I might feel compelled to hold my nose up again and vote for him. Unfortunately, a vote for a third Party candidate is a vote for Obama in 2012. Cleanse thy soul as ye destroy thy mind..if thats possible. And theres other bad candidates I probably have forgotten.. 985 days from now, we find out who it will be. Is it too much to ask for a rational pro-freedom candidate without the baggage of Christian Religionism and Economic Pragmatism? Probably. We should have funded the hell out of clonning technology a long time ago, and made a few Barry Goldwaters…because..”you know he’s right”. For now, Republicans still are flush with the same old golf club wine tasting mush minded old boys we have always had.

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