Quotes On Freedom

“The outlook is dark, but it is not without hope. Here and there one can detect a break in the clouds. More and more people are becoming aware that government has nothing to give them without first taking it away from somebody else-or from themselves.”–H. Hazlitt

“All taxation is an evil, but heavy taxes, indiscriminately levied on everything…are one of the greatest curses that can afflict a people.”–B. Adams

“The government-or any organization-has ‘no’ rights. A ‘right’ is a concept that pertains only to the individual. There is really only one right, which is so fundamental that all other rights are merely derivatives and re-statements of it: the right of man to own his life.”–A. Rand

“..So how can a country go down? By being put down by its ‘best’ people through denial of real justice, oppressive taxation and unreal, unworkable money standards.” –L.R. Hubbard

“Production ‘is’ profit; and profit ‘is’ production. They are not merely related; they are the same thing. When a man plants potatoes, if he does not get back more than he put in, he has ‘produced’ nothing.”–I. Paterson

“If men are ever to reach a world where man is free, free not by pernission but on principle, they must first enact the cause of freedom: they must grasp and accept the intellectual base it requires.”–L. Peikoff

“Every human being, by his nature, is free; he controls himself. But in the Old World, men believe that some Authority controls them. They can not make their energy work by any such belief, because the belief is false.” –R. W. Lane

“There is still time to save the world. Indeed, there will always be time; for the human capacity to reason, and the yearning for freedom and prosperity, will survive as long as humanity itself; no degree of irrational philosophy or repressive government will suffice to stamp these out.” –A. Bernstein

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