Property, in scale

1. In a Republic, property is owned in full by private citizens, and groups of private citizens. Governments can lease, but have no “right” or power to own it.

2. In a Democracy. property is owned “mostly privately”. Government does step in to own a bridge, or road, or rail, and to institute elected positions to manage them. Government will also make claims to land for “popular” purposes. Americas current left AND right advocate this, but its still wrong headed. How is socialized education for children (government schools), and transportation of bodies(government roads), “OK”, but socialized health care (government doctors) and socialized  incomes (taxation), “NOT” ok? Thinking in principles is important people.

3. Socialism. Property is owned by the state in large part. Some industries may still have partial claims for individual owners, but by and large, the fruits of your own labor are collectively dropped down the shit hole.

4. Facsism. Property can be “dubbed” yours, but strings are attached that make that “decree of ownership” worthless. Make good tanks for the army? Take a healthy profit home with you. Make ipods? Heres your pitant salary. Put Generalissmos face on every one of those ipod screens. Start a new business? Who do you know in power?

5. Communism. Property is public, aka, property is non existant. Ever googled ‘pollution/disrepair and Soviet Union’?

6.Anarchy. Property is a rumor. Don’t make any claims unless you have the biggest gun.

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