Keeping a Republic “Up”.

Post slavery, America was at its pinnacle in terms of freedom. Now I know, “sufferage of women”, right, ok, got it. But in a general sense, the level of freedom America attained politically was at its highest ever, or since. Also, America post Civil War to about 1913 was historically, in recorded world history, the most freedom indearing nation ever, with Greece (ancient) taking a second place ribbon. Look at Greece now, as it spirals into anarchy (but will not-facsism/communism will come before anarchy). The whole of much of Europe is decending toward facsism, as is America, however, we still have time to right the ship. The general levels of known societal contracts follow, starting with the top,

 1. A Republic; which is a “representational democracy” that includes basic rights without claims to others property. Basic rights being life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and the right to keep and dispose of property one has earned. (notice rights are only rights to “actions” not rights to other peoples goods, services, and earnings)

 2. Democracy. This means, the Republics constitution is now circumvented, the senior law becomes “the people”, or “the vote”. This is where rule by men, less by law, becomes the order of the day.There is still law, and protection of individual rights (to action), still occur but there is also a mixture of decree by men via election that circumvents this. For example; “You have a right to what you have earned, unless its apples. If you are an apple farmer, the ballot initiative states 10 percent of your crop must be donated to bad apple farmers to help aide in covering their losses.” This condition naturally dwindles down as more and more “compassionate, redistrobution” occurs, by decree. And as the government plays a larger and larger role in handling other peoples finances, and property we get to the next lower stage, “Socialism, or “Social Democracy”.

 3. Socialism. Rights have been redefined now. Basic rights still exist, but on a fundamental level are under threat. The government has assured its citizens, and subjects, that the too big to fail, and too small to have a chance- is in play. Now the “earned” plays a much smaller role. Property is owned by government and citizens but its value is lower, a citizen can lose his domain via an eminent government, becoming ever more omnipotent. Rule of law means rule of fair distrobution. This is at which point a Republic is viewed as unjust, malevolent, or “uncaring”. Government and personal debt also become common. Land and fiat money values sink. As this societal condition continues, the redistributed loot becomes more and more rare, and this ‘faux injustice’ leads to violence, and the threat of physical violence.

 4.Facsism. Think anger, multiplied by the general population, to the power of government, or A= 300m squared. History has shown us what facsism involves. Not only have “individual rights” been disguarded, the very concept of the “individual” is looked down upon. Ideal conditions are floating clouds, and citizens become subjects gazing at them, reaching for them, while cement cures them to the earth, a concrete-bound culture holds sway.Reverance is to the Generalismo, Great Leader, or Fuhrer. Society rebels, and “if” the facsistic elements can be removed we have two possiblities. A reaffirmation of individual rights as introduced in a Republic, and a sort of reboot of society, which is unlikely. Or, the more likely senario, which is an absolute power over the lives and fortunes of individuals who are now called a “collective”.

5. Communism; This is flat out control for the sake of control, as against the old facsists, and as for the old Democrats and Republicans, who remembers? Theres one party, it decides what you will think & do and has banned absolutely your ability to keep and dispose of your own property. Even your ronson burner (Soviet style fireplace)and ragged coat are simply leased equipment from the collective. Any activity outside State approval results is severe punishment, by some nameless, faceless body of grey suited zombies. The mind is awol, on strike. The body is controlled, made to toil. Spirit, if any is left, is on display only in the form of suicide.

 6. Anarchy; The State Unravels. Branches of the (once thought of as)omnipotent State, or collective, disintegrate into caos. The curtain is pulled back for the people as life becomes unbearable and stagnant. When the Wizard of Oz or ID is revealed, panic ensues. Police departments, military branches, factory collectives and farm collectives all compete in a bloody battle to be the “man on top”, or the less starved scurrying rat. Generalismos abound. In this state, facism starts looking pretty good…after all, “at least theres order..and better wizards”.. The result is to become extinct through balkanization, or invasion. Advocates of anarchism can be found in nearly every society today, but even they would not want true, total anarchy. Poke their brains a little, you will find what they actually think is ideal is some form of government just above anarchy (see #4 or #5), but use “anarchy” as a means to “get there”. I have seen anarchy first hand. Imagine the worst individuals in a society have been let free from its prisons and given weapons, and acheive power and influence. Not my cup of tea. Unless you are a complete psychotic, it is not yours either, believe me.

Thats the scale (HT –to a few 18th,19th,and 20th century philosophers)

And thats the Republic, and the Republic minus ( to gradual degrees) the reasoning mind. America is a social democracy as of 2010, having  moved down from  #2- Democracy, and having a ways to go before leaving this catagory down into facsism. 51% of our economy is now government owned or directly run. Prior to fascism, that percentage has to increase by 50%, to a 75% plus government controlled economy, round abouts.

Note on class warfare.

A corporation, company, bussiness, ect.., is NOT a government. It does not have the power to hold a gun to your head and make you purchase a product or service, UNLESS, it has that power weilded “to” it BY GOVERNMENT, at which time, the crony, the pull peddler, is a GSE, or Government Sponsored Enterprise (ie-larger degree, Fed Reserve, lesser degree- Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, newcomer- AIG & GM,.) The nature of making profit by persuasion alone without fraud or the initiation of physical force is CAPITALISM. Do not confuse force & persuassion, this is important. Confusing the two pits the people v people with the government hedging on both. Individuals always lose when negating their existence (inalienable heroic-beings)and eschewing the terms of that existence(peaceful social contract).

Government IS force, and that government, or that force, must always be tammed, as it is like fire (George Washington). The government, any government has only one legitimate function.” To protect us from bad guys ” through the use of physical force. Specifically, the protection of our individual rights (rights to actions) through, police, courts, and national defense…and NOTHING more. All other purposes and functions are “a trap” of various differing magnitudes that tone down freedom.

Individual Rights;

 The right to life (living-verb).

Liberty (acting-verb).

 The pursuit of happiness (seeking the best within-verb).

And for us to retain or dispose as we see fit, what we have “earned” (property) through the voluntary action of (trade-verb)mutually agreed upon exchange  of (land, money, cars, medical care, food, water) values.

 There can be no arbitrary claim to another persons property based on NEED, any claim to be legit, and moral, must be based on ABILITY, and the peaceful exchange of values. Food, water, ect must be created or their equivalent values (preferably money) “earned”, otherwise, they are matter the need. This is the foundation of a free society, and the cultural requsites to a Republic,  (as Ben Franklin once supposed) “a Republic, maam, if you can keep it”. Property does not mean “obsession of money”, “obsession of riches”, “materialism”, or “a resultant of greed”. Property means the impowerment of the individual, by acknowledging his right to keep or dispose of what he has earned. The initiation of physical force & the act of fraud do NOT constitute “earning” something. This is why laws need to be “objective”.

Justice, true justice, cannot be attained in full unless a Republic is kept. DO NOT equate charity & force. One cannot “force” charity on the rich, for example, to feed the poor. It is no longer charity if force is used no matter the need based justifyer…example; “The rich man didn’t notice the dollar stolen or taxed, but the poor family that looted dollar kept alive makes “it” (the act of the initiation of force or fraud) ok”. This is a fallacy paved by lack of principles. Theft is Theft. Tens of millions of individuals and their families have been brutally tortured to death based on the premise of “need”. Dont fall into that trap.

We tone up politics, we upscale this nation, and this world, and we win.

[Furthur reading recommended… The first 3-4 paragraphs of the US Declaration of Independence & as a comparative, the UN Declaration of (so called) Human (or Universal) Rights. Spot the differences.]

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