MEMO: American Tea Parties Are Not Blowing Shit UP

An at-large Pakistani terror cell member is somewhere in the NYC area (after a failed bombing attempt) and Mayor Bloomberg mentions to Katie Kuric that the bomber could be someone with a grudge against healthcare.

Memo to the left: “Go fuck yourselves.”

There is no eloquent way for me to insist the Tea Parties are non violent. they are peaceful, I’m a veteran and I know the difference between a riot/dangerous crowd, and a tea party. Its huge. Tea Partiers do not blow shit up, a Pakistani immigrant is, a muslim army chaplain likes spraying bullets, Gitmo was filled with …who..? Are we seeing a trend here? Is it starting to appear that American citizens are on the receiving end of a Jihad?  Should the President and his administration stop vilifying average Americans and start noticing this nation is under assault, and defend her? Or is that not PC? As a former soldier, I have to say, if this assault on the average, patriotic citizen and protection of Jihadists is any trend, expect to see more swat teams show up at Tea Parties. The barbarians are “inside” the gates now. Its going to get a lot rougher from here on out.

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