Tea Party America vs Otherism America

Self interest, of the ‘rational’ variant is vital to self-preservation, of the ‘moral’ variant. Human beings, in order to survive, must be able to think. One cannot think when a gun to aimed at them directly, and thinking begins to break down, as the gun is raised, or waved, in their general direction. President Washington noted that “government is force”. We must remember this. When one asks government to “do something”, one is requesting the use of force. To repel bad guys through national defense, courts of law, and police, is the only moral, essential purpose of government. If government is used for things other than the protection of individual rights, lets say, to lay claim to the goods and services of some,this twists and contorts the rule of law, and destroys individual rights (ie: rights to my actions are destroyed when someone else has a supposed right to my money, time, clothing on my back, ect) The Declaration of Independence is the most sacred document in the world. It paves the way for the possibility of civilisation because it lays down an individuals right to live for his own sake. It is the moral foundation for self. It is the barrier between “I” and “Others”. Otherism contends that “we are all our brothers keeper”,that “we cannot live for self only, we must live, in part at least, for the sake of others”. It requires self-sacrifice, therefor it is immoral. It is the code of the brute, who insists on collecting that sacrifice. For the Tea Party movement to have lasting meaning, it must embrace the morality of rational self-interest, and discard the morality of need, altruism, and otherism. If it does not, the Tea Party will be a “swing to the right” only, a temporary relief of statism, some freedom, granted until the next call for collectivism comes along. Your only moral claim to a good or service of another is through trade, exchanging value for value. The earned thing can really be the only thing that has any value. The looted thing is what the left, collectivism, altruism, otherism claims. They claim it based on “need”, not ability to earn. The destruction that has gone on so far in America, cannot be repaired unless the Tea Party movement “gets” this. Force contained, thus freedom expanded.

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