random musings, May 2010

Instead of the usual crapola a random musings post might contain….heres my thoughts on immigration, illegal, ect…

1. Illegal immigration is a crime by definition, aliens know this in advance. They know this but they still come. We have  20-40 million here now in the US living in fear, most are good, hard working, non -welfare recipient “folks” from Mexico. Mexican food is better than Chinese food, not as good as Italian.

2. Immigration procedures should involve 2 things. Checking for bad diseases and criminal (aka terrorist, ect) records. If ok’d, come on in.  Also, no welfare for 5 years no matter what. No public edu, ect. Forget it. Im not a defender of the welfare state, or a preserver of it (conservationist/conservative), I say get rid of it completely, but for now, lets attract the best by not offering pittance,  rather, encourage self reliance and freedom instead.

3. Hermetically sealed borders are the wet(back) dream of many rightists (as is imposing sharia on womens rights to their own bodies), we need to step up protection of individual rights in border cities and states, esp. with federal protection. States should not have to fund the fight entirely against the criminal, alien, activity going on in their states. But a 2,000 mile fence is going to make us the laughing stock of the world. Come on man, are you daft? It will not work for christ moses sake anyway. A border should be patroled. Checkpoints established. Citizenship automatic in 5 years. No quotas. But we cannot fund hermetically sealed boarders without going bankrupt. A project to send all Americans to a colony on Pluto would be cheaper and more feasable. Using NASA no less, grind those beans before sunrise.

4. Rub my back, it aches.

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